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Three girls stand behind a table that has an apple on it.
How to help young people eat well

A healthy, balanced diet is critical to performing better on the pitch. But there are more unhealthy foods and drinks on the market than ever before. So, how do we encourage our young people to make healthier choices? 

A girl in a light blue bib turns with the ball while faced by three players in front of her during training.
How to help young people think well

During puberty, things start to change inside teenage brains. They lose old habits and develop new ones. If young people develop poor thinking habits during this time, they’ll stay with them for life. So, what can we do about it? 

A coach points
How to support mental health in football

We know that playing football is a great way to support physical health and fitness. Playing football can improve mental health and wellbeing too.

A coach talks to his team in the dugout on matchday.
How to support a player with a bereavement

Bereavement is something everyone will face at some time in their life. It affects everyone in different ways. Is someone in your team experiencing grief or loss? Let’s understand more about how you can support your players. 

A football placed on a grass pitch.
How to support football players around drinking, drugs and gambling

Football clubs and players must follow rules and laws around alcohol, drugs, and gambling. These rules help keep everyone safe and the game fair. So,what happens if these behaviours become an issue? 

CPR is performed on a dummy
What does medical and first aid support look like in football?

As a coach, you are likely to see accidents from time to time. These could range from mild injuries to more serious medical emergencies. It's always best to be prepared, so read on to find actions that could save a life. 

Player is pictured from the waist up, he wears a blue half zip sweatshirt.
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in football

As the nation’s number one sport, football has incredible power to bring people together. It can remove barriers and be a force for good in communities. Part of your role as a coach is to help create equal, diverse, and inclusive football environments for all.

Coach talks to players
How can The FA help you learn more about safeguarding?

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. So, we all have a part to play in creating safe, fun and inclusive football opportunities for all. There's support available to help. Let’s take a look. 

A team wearing yellow tops and blue shorts and socks stand in a circle to listen to their coach.
How to deal with misconduct, discrimination and discipline in open-aged football

Positivity leads to a better game. A safer, healthier, more inclusive and enjoyable game. A game with more respect. Let's explore what can help your club keep a positive environment for your players and supporters.  

Coach talks to players
How to develop safer working practices in your club

Football is about enjoying the game. But to do that, participants need to feel and be safe. That's where having safer working practices in place will help. Let's take a look. 

A group of players huddle in a circle
What are bullying and hazing in football?

Bullying and hazing are serious issues that happen on and off the pitch. They’re forms of abuse you may come across in football. Let’s find out more.

A group of players stand in a circle
What is a position of trust in football?

Whenever you work with someone under 18, you're automatically in a position of trust. But what does that mean? Let’s find out.