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Futsal player during a match

National Futsal Course

Develop an understanding of futsal, explore the laws of the game and learn how to support your players.

Course Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football





2x Practical Face-to-Face Days

2x Online Assessments

Minimum Age:




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About the course

The National Futsal Course will focus on developing an understanding of futsal, exploring the laws of the game further and providing learners with practical experience that can be applied in their environments.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Observe and coach the core technical skills of futsal
  • Observe and coach the core moves in futsal
  • Support players with how to attack and defend as a team
  • Deliver appropriate coaching practice in your own settings
  • Explain and apply the laws of the game

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Reasonable adjustments

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Course schedule

Course prerequisites

Introduction to Coaching Football or Level 1 in Coaching Football

You must also:

*upon course completion these qualifications must remain in-date to achieve certification.


Course Availability

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Additional resources

Game Guide

On signing up to the course you will engage with the Online Game Guide. This video resource has been designed to support your understanding of the various aspects of the game and will be discussed throughout the practical days.

Futsal – Laws of the Game

Once you have signed up to the course you will complete the 'Futsal – Laws of the Game' online module. This will significantly increase your knowledge and understanding of the game, which will in turn support your coaching.

Practice Cards

As a learner on the course you will gain access to a set of practice cards which outline the practices delivered over the 2 practical days.

Digital Coaching Notebook

As a learner on the course you will gain access to a digital version of a coach’s notebook. It provides templates for planning, delivering and reviewing sessions as well as a way of logging key development activities, feedback, notes and your emergency action plan.

England Football Community

You will gain access to the Futsal Community Page. This is a fantastic place to connect with like-minded coaches and browse additional blogs, webinars, forums and session ideas. It provides a safe space to share ideas, arrange games, ask questions and gain advice from your peers and coach developers.
Explore the laws of the game further and learn how to deliver appropriate coaching practice in your own settings

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