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Coach addressing her players

UEFA B Licence

Learn how to develop your players' technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social needs.

Course Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football


Face-to-face & Online



9-12 months

Minimum Age:




About the course

Football is filled with complex decision-making scenarios, so designing relevant game-like practices with plenty of decision-making opportunities is crucial. They ensure that players are able to practice and prepare for competition.

The UEFA B Licence will help you understand the demands of the game and how to meet the needs of players as they build a deeper understanding of their various roles and responsibilities within the team.

This course has replaced The FA Level 3 in Coaching Football.

Reasonable adjustments

To request a reasonable adjustment on this course, please follow this link.

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Reasonable Adjustments Policy.

Course prerequisites

To take part in the UEFA B Licence course, you must:

  • Complete the UEFA C Licence / 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football / The FA Level 2 in Coaching Football course 

  • Complete Introduction to First Aid in Football / The FA Emergency Aid in Football

  • Complete our Safeguarding Children Course

  • Be actively coaching a team in a season-long competition in England
  • Be able to effectively communicate in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing)

Find out more about the UEFA B Licence

Course structure

1. Assessment

To complete the UEFA B Licence, you must:

  • Deliver a successful practical delivery within in-situ visits against the UEFA B assessment matrix
  • Deliver a coaching project including medium term 2x6 week coaching programme against the UEFA B assessment matrix

2. Reassessment

You have a 3-year registration period which means you need to complete the qualification within 3 years of the date you start it.

If you are not deemed competent after your 3rd in-situ visit then you will be required to apply and pay for a re-assessment for an additional in-situ visit.

3. Outcomes

The UEFA B Licence will help you:

  • Develop medium-term curriculum/programme planning
  • Develop coaching behaviour and practice, aligned to your players in training and games
  • Develop your understanding of the 4-corner model and its relationship with player development
  • Apply principles of play to individual players and units of players
  • Identify and develop coaching strengths and areas for development

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