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Two medics treating an injured player

Emergency First Aid in Football

This course raises the standard of first aid provision within football and goes beyond generic first aid.

Course Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football

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About the course

The overall aim of our Emergency First Aid in Football (EFAiF) course is to raise the standard of first aid provision within football. It goes beyond generic first aid and includes elements specific to football.

Learners will need to adhere to the latest Covid-19 safety guidelines to attend this course; details will be sent to you prior to your course starting.

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Reasonable adjustments

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Course prerequisites

The course is applicable to coaches, team managers, parents, teachers, volunteers and carers.

Learning programme

The course will cover:

  • The role of the First Aider in football
  • The jaw thrust as an airway opening technique for a contact sport such as football
  • The A-E approach of the injured footballer (inclusive of the unconscious footballer)
  • Emergency Action planning for football Preparation for action for sudden cardiac arrest in the young
  • Recognition, BLS with AED
  • The FA Concussion guidelines and concussion management from a first aid perspective for football
  • Dispelling the myths of first aid in football
  • The football specific first aid kit and record keeping
  • Duty of care in football
  • Medical emergencies in football
  • Focusing on those illnesses that can lead to life threatening injuries in football
  • Limb threatening injuries in football
  • Wounds and bleeding / Fracture management for football
  • Acute soft tissue injury management in football
  • Spinal injuries in football, manual in line stabilisation and assisting the ambulance crew with a log roll
  • Paediatric elements to all of the above


This course will provide you with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to:

  • Attend a conscious or unconscious casualty
  • Ensure that appropriate care is given until the emergency medical services arrive and take over, or until an alternate healthcare professional assumes responsibility for the casualty.

Course Availability

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Book an Emergency First Aid in Football Course for your club

If you’d like to enquire about booking an Emergency First Aid in Football (EFAiF) course to be delivered for your club, please contact our Medical Course Coordinators via email at Please note, your club must be working within the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) to request a private course.

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