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A team wearing yellow tops and blue shorts and socks stand in a circle to listen to their coach.
Quote graphic - the text sits on a blue background and reads 'It's a bit frightening playing in a game with  people all older than me, some of them are as old as my dad. It's different from playing with my friends from school." - Ellis, age 16, Open-age team, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Coaches and players need to respect each other. So, being aware of and managing unacceptable behaviour from players, spectators, and parents/carers is essential. A football club code of conduct can help with this. 

A code of conduct is an essential aspect of a club’s safeguarding and player welfare framework. The code clearly spells out what’s acceptable behaviour and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Every club should adopt the code by having members sign up to it.  
The code is like a club's roadmap. It outlines expected behaviours and details what happens when an individual’s conduct breaks the code. 

Does your club use a code of conduct?  If not, get started with one by taking a look at the Respect resources and the football club code of conduct template.

Here you can find some key disciplinary information to both educate and protect your players.

A supportive place to play football is essential for happy and healthy players. Coaches, managers, and teammates each have a role in creating the right culture on and off the pitch. 

A code of conduct protects everyone at your club by setting the rules. It tells us what behaviour isn't acceptable and how the club will handle it.  

Alongside this, everyone needs to report unacceptable behaviour in the game. Reports of discrimination can be made directly to Kick It Out

Together, we can unite in the love of our game. Let's say 'Enough is Enough' and do our part to stop misconduct in football.