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During training on an indoor pitch, one girl runs forward with the ball while two others move forward looking to receive a pass.

Being active is so important. But the WHO's research suggests young people aren't meeting their guidelines. They also state the amount of time spent sitting still is increasing. This isn't great news. 


It can be easy to think that because our young people are playing football, they’re moving enough. But have you ever considered what they’re doing outside of training or matchday? They should be moving every day, with additional strength exercises taking place at least three times a week. 

Inactivity is the leading contributor to early death worldwide. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast and colon cancers. If you’re inactive you’re at higher risk of obesity, reduced sleep, and poor behaviour. We need to help our young people avoid these consequences by getting them moving more. 


When we talk about moving, we consider it across the movement scale: