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A football placed on a grass pitch.

Alcohol is a chemical that can affect the body and brain. It can make people act differently. Large quantities of alcohol can lead to problems with a person's judgement, decision-making, reaction time, and coordination (NHS).  

Your team may enjoy drinking alcohol together after games. If so, do you have plans to deal with any alcohol-related issues with players or spectators? Do you have under-18 players to think about? Clubs need clear rules about where and when people can drink alcohol to avoid problems and safeguarding issues.  

Social drugs are not allowed by The FA at any time. Breaches of this rule may result in suspension. Reporting any misuse and preventing drug problems during club activities is crucial.  

Football gambling rules help keep the game fair. Clubs need to know and abide by laws relating to gambling and betting. See the resources below for help and guidance on these issues. 

Download this PDF to check out how you can apply the rules and support players who develop problems.

It's vital to follow club rules on alcohol, drugs, and gambling. These activities can harm people and the game. To avoid issues, ensure you have:

  • clear guidelines for players on responsible behaviour and rules
  • a culture where no one feels forced into harmful actions
  • clear consequences for anyone breaking the rules.