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Coach talks to players

The FA aims to build people’s confidence and skills around safeguarding, through: 

  • courses  

  • guidance notes 

  • resources to help raise awareness. 

The FA’s safeguarding courses

Several safeguarding courses are available, including:  

Safeguarding courses

The courses are available through England Football Learning. Some are free, so why not book one today? 


Raising awareness that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility is a great way to help people learn about keeping players safe in the game.  

Play Safe is The FA’s annual campaign focusing on safeguarding in football.  

To get involved with the next campaign, visit The FA's Play Safe page for more information.   

There's more safeguarding guidance available in the safeguarding section of the The

Further safeguarding resources for safeguarding children are available from: 
The NSPCC - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 
The CPSU - Child Protection in Sport Unit  

For safeguarding support around adults at risk, visit The Ann Craft Trust.  


Everyone has the right to be safe in football. We all want football to be a place where players feel protected. Coaches are not alone in making this happen. With the support of The FA, we can all work together to help protect players from harm and abuse.  

So, use all the learning The FA has to offer. Sign up for courses and campaigns, and download the guides and tools today.  

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