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National Talent Identification & Scouting in Football

Learn the key principles of scouting and how to analyse performance against potential.

Course Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football

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Two days



About the course

Spotting talent is a skill. It’s not easy to identify potential young players who can progress further in the game.

This course designed to build on the foundations you'll have developed on the Introduction to Talent Identification in Football, as well as from further learning you have done, to help increase your ability to recognise talent in the game.

You’ll be introduced to the key principles of scouting, including match reporting, how you build and develop relationships, and how to analyse performance against potential.

You'll also be introduced to more sophisticated scouting strategies and how to effectively manage the talent identification environment at your club.

Reasonable adjustments

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Course prerequisites

The course is aimed at supporting scouts that work within the professional game. The basis of the course requires knowledge of the professional club's recruitment strategy that the learner currently scouts for, along with the ability to draw upon previous experience in the role.

Every applicant looking to start this course must:

How is the course structured?

This is a two-day course that focuses on four critical areas of talent identification - the key principles of scouting, the importance of relationships, the latest methods of recognising potential and the complex governance procedures surrounding talent identification.

It is designed to support scouts working in or aspiring to work in the professional game.

What are the learning outcomes?

After completing this course you will have a much better understanding of what makes an effective scout.

You will understand the role of talent identification in the game, and you’ll know how The FA 4 Corner model supports the player identification process.

After completing this course you will:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the scout, developing an awareness of good practice within a talent ID department
  • Be able to perform the role of a scout, undertaking designated responsibilities within a talent ID department
  • Develop an awareness of good practice within talent identification department

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