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A young player runs with the ball during a match, while his opponent is tracking back.

We often notice a great tackle or the perfect interception. But how do players prepare for these critical moments?  
First, they cover. This means placing themselves appropriately in relation to their teammates, the opposition, and the ball. Covering is all about angles and distances and being the 'next in line of security' for a teammate. Get it right, and your team is set up for success. Get it wrong, and you have to react.  
This is where recovering comes in. Recovering means 'getting back' into a defensive position during a transitional period. If a team breaks through your defence, your players must work out the shortest route back to protect their goal. Tracking back is essential, and sprinting is often involved. 

Both covering and recovering are key aspects of defending and are vital in providing teammates with protection. 
They are a crucial part of match-play and should form part of any practice sessions you have. Covering and recovering requires holistic skills that cover all aspects of The FA 4 Corner Model. Decision-making and determination play a significant role in the psychological corner. At the same time, trust and communication with teammates mean the social corner is also essential. 


Check out the video to see covering and recovering examples and hear people discuss these skills.