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Two players run after the ball in training on an indoor 3G pitch.

Control both pitches

Amy Price, FA women’s national coach developer, shares a video-game-inspired session that gives players ownership. Like a video game, this creative activity involves lots of problem-solving and teams working together to ‘level up’. Oh, and players can use a superpower, too.

Discover the full session here.

Chris Lowe, FA regional PE officer, shares a session that helps develop team relationships while thinking and playing forward. This activity is a great way for players to work on their connections with each other. And it improves their scanning and movement skills, too.

Check out the session here.

Finishing session: set and shoot

Adam Dunleavy, FA coach development officer, shares a practice that helps players work on their ability to combine and attack. Here, players combine with their teammates to play the ball to a ‘setter’, then receive and score. Click here to view the session plan.

Moving with the ball session: 1v1

The FA’s Lawrence Lok and Ian Bateman share a warm-up game that works on scanning, movement and 1v1 skills. It’s quick and easy to set up, and the aim of the game is simple: get past your opponent and score. Then repeat.

Find the session plan here.

Vicky Fisher, FA regional coach development officer, shares a session that encourages players to win the ball via an interception. This 2v2 game will also develop players’ scanning, positioning and movement skills. For all the info, click here.