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Two children face each other and kick a ball to each other between cones.

Receiving session: pass and move

Ryan Davies, FA physical education and coach development officer, shares a session that helps players think about receiving the ball effectively.

Tactics board

Looking for a bit more detail? Check out Ryan’s tactics board video for this session. 

Coaching activity

Watch this video to see the activity in action.

Coaching tips

Make one of the players in each team a captain. Give them the responsibility of keeping their team's score. 

Encourage the pairs to discuss how they can work on improving their score.  Get them thinking about moving into space and calling for the ball. This will help them improve their receiving and communication skills. 

Challenge them to show different touches. This will get the players thinking about different ways of receiving. 

Progress the session by splitting the children into fours to run a 2v2. The team with the ball is the attacking team, and they score a point by getting it into the box. Try to get your players to think of ways to deceive the opposition to make getting the ball in the box easier.