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A player dribbles past a few opponents.

Moving with the ball session: through the gates

Samantha Griffiths, coach development officer, shares a session to help develop the basics of moving with the ball.

This session will help players:

  • learn different techniques for moving with the ball
  • vary speeds when dribbling to get away from defenders
  • move with the ball as an individual.

If you like this idea, download the session plan and give it a go. And don't forget to share your experience on the England Football Community. We'd love to know how you got on.

Session setup

Set up an area with gates of different sizes marked out using cones. Our example uses an area of 20x20 yards and eight players.

Tactics board

Looking for a bit more detail? Check out Samantha's tactics board video for this session.

Coaching tips

Change up the size of the gates to create different opportunities for players to move with the ball. Use larger gates to get players used to the session initially. Add smaller gates when the players are ready to try something more challenging.

In the second progression, make sure to swap the teams around so that everyone gets a go at moving with the ball.

And if you feel it’s right, use the STEP framework (Youth Sports Trust, 2002) to help keep things fun, engaging and appropriate.