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A player dribbles past her opponent during a small-sided game in training.

Moving with the ball session: end zone to end zone

Lee Brown, regional coach development officer, shares a session to help players run and dribble with the ball.

This session will help players:

  • make decisions on when to dribble or run with the ball
  • develop scanning skills
  • explore and learn techniques to deceive opponents.

If you like this idea, download the session plan and give it a go. And don't forget to share your experience on the England Football Community. We'd love to know how you got on.

Session setup

Set up an area with a goal at each end. Split your players into two teams. Our example uses a quarter of a full-sized pitch and 14 players.

Tactics board

Looking for a bit more detail? Check out Lee's tactics board video for this session.

Coaching tips

Get your players to think about slowing down as they move towards an opponent. Have them try executing a skill such as a stepover. Your players could use a skill they've seen from their favourite player.

Change your session to fit what you want the focus to be. Keep the players on one pitch if you want them to focus on dribbling with the ball. Move the players into two pitches to create more space and allow for more repetition of running with the ball.

Add a final progression to the session where the defenders can now tackle the ball. This will give players a chance to move with the ball in an opposed practice.