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Three young players playing football, the middle player has the ball and is about to put his right foot on top of it to perform a turn and get away from his opponents.

Turning session: getting in behind to score

Amy Price, FA women’s national coach developer, shares a session that helps players think about turning.

Session plan

Want to try this with your team? Download the session plan and give it a go.



This game is played in an overloaded/underloaded format. 

To start, set up a pitch suitable for 6v7 at your team's age and stage of development.  

Place a goal at either end and use flat spot markers to split the pitch into middle and end zones.  

Each end zone differs in size. One is shorter in depth to improve close control and the other is longer to encourage bigger touches. 

How to play

The aim of the game is to play through congested areas and score in the final third. 

All outfield players begin the activity in the middle zone. The team with fewer players attack the end zone with less space. 

Ask one of your keepers to start play. Alternatively, restart with a throw-in from the sideline. 

Players must use receiving and turning skills to get the ball under control, then combine with teammates or dribble to create chances in the end zone.  

Only one attacker can enter the end zone. While there, set a time limit to score in a 1v1 scenario before allowing a defender to enter and challenge for the ball. 



If your players master this activity – or find it too hard – try adding a progression. Here are some examples.  

  • Make the pitch narrower. By having a smaller area to work in, there is more emphasis on close control and turning. 

  • Overload the end zone by allowing two attackers to enter. This will encourage more combinations when finishing. 

Remember, learning takes time. So don’t alter things too quickly or too much. Using the STEP framework (Youth Sports Trust, 2002) can help keep things fun, engaging and appropriate.

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