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The image shows a young goalkeeper wearing a blue football kit, his foot sits on top of the ball.

Goalkeeping session: end lines

Taken from our virtual conference, here’s a practice that introduces the idea of using goalkeepers to help keep possession.

This session will help players: 

  • scan the environment to take in their surroundings 

  • work on their positioning to receive the ball 

  • improve their communication and decision-making skills when passing.

If you like this idea, download the session plan and give it a go. And don’t forget to share your experience on the England Football Community. We’d love to know how you got on. 

Coaching session

Watch this video to see the session in action.

Coaching tips

Observe your outfield players’ positioning skills, particularly when the goalkeeper has the ball. Ultimately, to help their side keep possession, they must find space to be a good passing option. To work on this, challenge them to quickly support the keeper when they have the ball and think about how their positioning can help them do that.

And if you feel it’s right to progress the session, use the STEP framework (Youth Sports Trust, 2002) to help keep things fun, engaging and appropriate.