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Neal Akhtar

The role of a mentor typically involves supporting, encouraging & challenging coaches to manage their own learning within their own specific context, helping them maximise their potential, develop their skills and recognise their attributes; all tailored towards them becoming the coach and person they want to be.

Neal Akhtar displays these traits and so much more in his role. In our latest Mentor Spotlight, Neal speaks to us on the importance of participation and inclusion in diverse communities.

Neal plays a pivotal role in the development of Frenford FC, where he is Head of Youth Football, as well as the wider community in Essex and East London. He has dedicated so much time to building an engaging and inclusive space for coaches, players, volunteers from all cultures to come together with a shared passion for the game; he truly goes above and beyond.

In particular, his work with Black, Asian and female coaches from typically underrepresented backgrounds has been crucial to the progression of Frenford.

Supported by FA Coach Developers in the London region, he acts as a role model for so many, and inspires the next generation every day.

Watch his story below: