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Female Coach Development Opportunities

Find out more about the support available for females looking to get involved in delivering football.

Initiative Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football


Stepping over the Sidelines

Women's Coach Development Groups

Community Champions

Looking to take that step over the sidelines?

The FA and England Football Learning are committed to creating more opportunities for girls to play and for female role models to get involved in the game.

As the Lionesses captured the hearts of an entire nation at the Women's Euro 2022, the time to inspire young girls and show them that they do have a place in the game is now. Whether it's at school, after school, at local clubs, or anywhere else!

In order for girls to play, we need more volunteers, coaches and role models to help deliver football and help the next generation fall in love with the game. Quite simply, we want to break down the barriers that currently exist.

If you want to play an active role in your child’s football experience but aren’t quite sure where to start, who to speak to or whether it’s something you’d enjoy, then we want to give you the support, guidance and information you need to take the next step. Keep scrolling to find out how we can help.

If you’d like to find out more about our mission to help girls gain access to football, visit Let Girls Play.

Watch Ikra's story of how she got involved in coaching football

How can we support you?

There are a number of programmes, workshops and taster sessions delivered locally to help you find out more about coaching. Find out more below.

Stepping over the Sidelines

Stepping over the Sidelines is a local workshop is designed to offer mums, female guardians, helpers, assistants and young leaders the opportunity to have a first look at how you might be able to get involved in football.

The workshop also gives a flavour of the next steps for anyone who might like to consider getting involved. That could include:

  • Our EE Playmaker by England Football course
  • Our Introduction to Coaching football course
  • Being more involved at your local club, recreation session or wildcats venue, perhaps as a coach, assistant, helper, or volunteer.

  • Find out more about Stepping over the Sidelines workshops near you by choosing your local County FA from the list below.

    Women's Coach Development Groups

    This group is a fantastic opportunity for female coaches of any level, not only to network with other female coaches across the county but to have access to specific coach development workshops both face-to-face and online.  

    Being a part of the group give you the chance to meet other female coaches who you can share you experiences with, explain your coaching journey (no matter what stage you’re at), create new ideas together, all with the support of England Football Learning.  

    You can join this group at any point, whether you have just started coaching your child as a volunteer, or whether you’re coaching professionally! This group is for you and there is tailored support for your level.

    The group is completely flexible to you as well! Sessions take place on various days/evenings to suit everyone as we know not everybody trains on the same nights and everyone has other family commitments.

    To find out more about Women's Coach Development Groups, find your local County FA from the list below.

    Community Champions

    Copy around gaining support from a Community Champion goes here.

    County FA 1

    County FA 2

    County FA 3


    Community Champion play a part in helping volunteers and new coaches take that first step over the sidelines and build their confidence on the pitch.