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Coach talking to her player during a Wildcats session
Ongoing Learning

Effective Coaching in the Female Game

This programme provides coaches in the female game with a space to understand their environments.

Course Overview

Introduction to Coaching Football


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About the programme

This programme aims to provide coaches and managers working in the women and girls' game with a space to understand themselves, the environment in which they operate, and their relationship with others.

The collective goal is to enhance the thinking skills required of coaches and managers to excel in the female game, with the view of maximising potential for players to learn.

Please note, this is an invitation-only programme. Scroll down for contact details to find out more.

What you might experience on the programme

1. Open minded conversations with peers 
2. Challenging one another’s thinking  
3. Evidence informed learning 
4. Critical reflection on practice  
5. Inspired curiosity in self and others

What does the programme focus on?

Think Space 1: Understanding me and my impact on others

  • Values & behaviours
  • Learnable intrapersonal & interpersonal skills
  • Professionalism & integrity
  • Authenticity & genuine care for people

Think Space 2: Using a process-orientated approach to engage players

  • Communicating & enacting a vision
  • Developing buy-in
  • Managing conflict or tension

Think Space 3: Empowering others to be accountable within our process

  • Understanding relationships
  • Identifying & utilising skillsets of others
  • Developing awareness of other perspectives

Think Space 4: Individualised approach to learning and development

  • Emphasising the learning process
  • Understanding what motivates others
  • Developing awareness of bias
  • Role modelling a commitment to the game
A lionesses training session at St. George's Park

What do coaches and players in the female game think effective coaching is?

This article on The FA Community presents research findings from St Mary’s University, which underpins the design and facilitation of ECFG.

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How you can get involved