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A female coach crouching talking to three junior players

Chase Fully Funded Places

Supporting coaches with funding to develop their skills, supported by Chase.

Initiative Overview

About the programme

Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to developing life skills that can help secure a job, or support career growth.

England Football Learning and Chase, as the Official Banking Partner of England Football Learning, want to help change that, by harnessing the power of football to help individuals develop transferable skills that can unlock their potential, on the pitch and beyond. 

Chase fully funded places have been created to provide funding opportunities for coaches who would benefit from financial support towards completing either the Introduction to Coaching Football, UEFA B Licence or UEFA A Licence.

The programme is aligned to our wider goal of helping to increase participation within the game, as well as Chase’s ongoing investment in community-based programmes. By fostering diversity and inclusion within our coaching workforce we aim to:

  • Increase participation: Inspiring individuals from all backgrounds to step onto the pitch, both as players and coaches.

  • Break down barriers: Helping remove financial limitations that might hinder talented coaches from achieving their goals.
  • Create role models: Empowering coaches to become inspiring figures for future generations.

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Important information

Our eligibility form for Chase fully funded places for Introduction to Coaching Football is open throughout the season.
Our eligibility form for Chase fully funded places for the UEFA B Licence and the UEFA A Licence will open at the same time as the course application windows.

How is the funding awarded?

To assess your eligibility for funding on your chosen course, you will be required to complete our funding eligibility form.


Forms need to be submitted by the course application deadline for the UEFA B Licence and UEFA A Licence. Our eligibility form for Introduction to Coaching Football is open all season. We welcome applications from coaches who meet the following criteria, at the time of the application:

  • Aged 16 and over
  • Live in England or volunteer, play or coach for a football club in England.
  • And at least one of the following: Have an annual income under £22,800, receive universal credit, received free school meals as a child or your parents were in a low paid or low skilled job when you were 14.

We'll also ask you two questions (with a maximum 200-word limit). Your answers will be used to assess your suitability for a fully funded place and should demonstrate the impact the qualification would have on helping you achieve your football coaching ambitions.

  • the first asks why you should be considered for funding so we can understand your motivation for taking this course.
  • the second question is about your football aspirations to understand how you will use this qualification to benefit football.

If you are eligible for funding, you will be contacted directly, within 3 months, with further instructions on how to redeem your place.


As well as Chase Fully Funded Places, we also provide our Partially Funded Places Programme.

This programme has been developed to support coaches who may be facing barriers to getting involved in coaching and is aligned to our goal of increasing participation in coaching within historically underrepresented groups. This includes female coaches, disabled coaches and coaches from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions