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A Futsal referee with his arm outstretched

Guide to the futsal laws of the game

Whatever your role in futsal, this course will help you understand the key laws of the game.

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100 minutes

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About the course

Welcome to The FA's Guide to the Futsal Laws of the Game.

Whatever your role in futsal, this course will help you understand the key Laws of the Game and how they're applied.

You'll learn about fouls and challenges, restarts and set pieces. You'll also gain an understanding of the signals used by referees and assistant referees, and get an idea of what the referees have to do before a futsal match.

There are four modules with some questions to answer at the end of each one to check your knowledge. To finish the course and access your certificate, you need to complete all four modules, including the knowledge checks.

Important information

The course is designed to work on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. For the best experience, choose a newer device with a large screen – and make sure your operating system and browser are up to date.

Course modules

Before the match (20m)

From the pitch inspection to the coin toss, this module covers the actions the referees need to take before every match.


Signals and communication (15m)

Communication on the futsal pitch is vital to the effective management of a game. This module reviews the signals the referees and assistant referees are required to make during a match.


Getting it right (40m)

Getting decisions right is key to delivering a successful game. This module takes a closer look at foul challenges and disciplinary sanctions that can be applied in a match.


Managing starts and restarts (25m)

A match has many different starts and restarts which this module covers and details which are applied at the correct times.

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