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Young players play football

Sarah Lowden, FA coach development officer, looks at ways to develop receiving skills using a game-based approach. She uses three activities to help players learn when and how to receive the ball and encourage them to use space to play forward. If you want to find out more about this session, click here.  


If you want to work on turning with your youngest players, try this simple activity. It'll help your team understand how to turn with the ball and get them used to staying on it under pressure. For more info, click here.  


Danny Fenner, FA diversity and inclusion officer, shares a fun session to help players develop their movement skills with the ball. This is an excellent activity for primary-age players. To find out more, click here.  


This is a great option if you're looking for a new session to help your team develop their finishing skills. It's perfect for getting your players to work on different techniques in front of goal. To discover how it works, click here.  


Football bowling

Jo Williams, FA coach development officer, shares an arrival activity to help your young players improve their finishing. To find out how to play football bowling, click here.


If you use any of these with your team, let us know how you get on in The FA Community